Tours for Groups

Over the years I’ve worked with countless Christian groups worldwide (Protestants/ Evangelists /Catholics) and have developed warm relationships with the pastors and Christian leaders that   I have guided over the years.

Historical and Cultural Tours
Discover the land that was born in between the East and West and the deep historical connection with our region. Learn about the previous historical miles stones and empires that came here through the centuries. Absorb history dating back to the Egyptian empire, following with Mesopotamia, the Hellenistic period, the Roman culture, up to the Middle East of today with Israel in its center focus.

Christian Tours
Following the steps of Christ in the Holy Land, in my trips, alongside the spiritual leader of your group, I will enrich the experience of the tour by focusing on the deep heritage of the Holy Land and its connection with the scripts. In all my years as a professional guide, I have learned to find the right balance between experiencing the teachings of the bible in your trip alongside the space and time given to the group, to allow the group to connect with the land that Christ walked and taught in – creating an exciting biblical experience for all of the group members.

Jewish Heritage
Focusing on the historical point of view and the Zionist mining – from prays and a just a vision in the diaspora, to the reborn state of Israel. The tour will guide you through the ages and Israel’s rich history from the early stages of the pioneers to the modern Hi tech country that it is today. Focusing on the different remarkable achievements that Israel have achieved over the past 67 years, our strengths, technology breakthroughs as well as Israel’s strong connection with Jewish communities around the world.

Agricultural oriented groups
Groups that wish to see Israel’s remarkable agricultural achievements that our country is well known for. For years Israel has been the world’s pioneer in developing the most advance agricultural innovation in numerous fields, such as:

• Water solutions for irrigation.
• Farming innovations – Gene research, farming products, increasing the productivity of the crops.
• Dairy farming has been transformed into an industrialized system, creating optimal integration between the cows, technologies and equipment as well as the production environment and as a result Israel’s dairy production is one of the most efficient in the world. With our dairy farms in the desert you’ll be able to taste the great cheese and products that is being produced.
• Farming in the desert – learn how Israel is growing  crops in the desert under the harshest conditions in the Negev, Arava and Jordan Valley.
• The Agritec Fare – a unique opportunity to discover new technology and network.

This special tour can be combined with some of Israel’s top tourist spots such as Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Galilee.

Dear Ami, I wanted to thank you you for an incredible experience. You are truly a gifted person and I look forward to working with you in the future. I believe this is “the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
Pastor Lewis Groce, St Timothy Lutheran Church, USA

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