If you had enough of the history bit and would like to explore Israel in a different way, here are some ideas that  you will be able to add to one of your trips or that could be combined into a trip on its own.

Wineries visits
The Israeli wines are considered to be world class wines and many of them have won prestigious, global awards.
The local climate conditions in the Golan Heights, the Judean Desert, Valley of Elah and the Galilee provides a unique aroma and a remarkable depth to the wines. The land of Israel is abundant with great boutique wineries. I invite you to discover the special experience of wine tasting in Israel.

Special Gourmet restaurants
In the recent years, Israel has gained a reputation in the culinary world, thanks to the great mix of local middle eastern, oriental flavours, a wide variety of traditions and European influence. The Israeli food is colourful, spicy, rich in flavours and contrasts. Dining in a few local gourmet restaurants will definitely make the trip unforgettable.

Dairy Farm
Israel, also called ‘The milk and honey land”, is blessed with goat, sheep and cattle dairies. Whether using traditional or hi-tech methods, the local cheese is wonderful, rich in flavours. A visit in local dairies and a tasting from the local produce turn every trip into a real celebration.

Food markets
Israel’s colourful markets offer abundance of fresh products, from vegetables to fruits and spices aside little restaurants, traditional food to take away, great music and joy of life. A walk in a local market is in a way a taste of the happy and cheeky Israeli character.

Cycling around Hula Nature Reserve or Ramon crater in the desert.

Hiking In Northern Israel
Experience hiking in the beautiful trails in the Galile.
The best time to do so is during the spring. Enjoy the fresh air and the incredible blossom of Israel’s wild flowers. Hike around the Golan Heights in one  of its fabulous nature reserves, filled with lots of streams and scenic waterfalls that make for a very rewarding trek.

Hiking In the Desert
Discover the Negev, Israel’s desert located in the southern part the country with gorgeous trails such as the Ramon crater, Avdat, the hidden spring and off course, Ein Gedi’s amazing nature reserve facing the Dead Sea.

Diving is an exciting way to explore Israel’s marine life. The Red Sea is known for its crystal clear water, teeming with colourful fish and vibrant coral reefs. Diving could be done from shore as well as from a boat. Israel maintains the highest standards in its diving centres, , all you will need to do is to bring your diving certificate with you and I will take care of the rest.

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