Off the Shelf Tours

Sometimes, planning a trip by yourself can be a bit overwhelming, that is why  I have created these easy out-of-the-box tour packages. If you are short  of time or just can’t be bothered with the planning bit and would like to see some of the best sites Israel has to offer, pick the right package based on your budget and agenda.


* The price is $700/ day for 9 hours of work & up to 200 daily km.
* Overnight lodging for the guide and any entrance fees to the sites aren’t included in the price.
Please note that leaving/returning to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem the same day without an overnight stay would increase the price due to the mileage- please contact me for lodging suggestions.
* The total maximum number of passengers for a private tour would be up to 6 (including luggage).

Contact Me   for more details and for a tailor-made proposal or quotes