“Ami, Thank you so much for the wonderful help you provided us when we were in Israel. We all thoroughly enjoyed your excellent hospitality. …. We look forward to seeing you sometimes in the future. You and all of Israel are in our prayers.”
Linda and Don Wisthuff, USA

“Dear Ami, ….we are still talking about the wonderful time we had in Israel, the great food, accommodation and also about the personable, knowlegeable tour guide (you). Your historical and biblical knowledge of the holy land made for a great trip. Thanks for the wonderful memories!”
John Young, California

“Hi Ami, Thanks for your kindness and patience in these 2 weeks. I will say that you are like an uncle or father figure to us, rather then a tour guide. Thanks again. Hope to see you in Jerusalem next year. God Bless you”
Elaine Li, Hong Kong

“Ami, Ron and I have made it home to Alabama safely.  Thanks again, my friend, for all you did to make our first visit to Israel such a positive experience!  I have great memories of this trip and high hopes of coming back again someday to explore more sites!
Warmest wishes, Pat McRight״

“Tu comprendras qu’après cette journée mémorable, de découverte, d’émotion, d’histoire, d’amitiés, il était de mon devoir de te remercier.
Je renouvelle mon invitation si tu viens à paris et si tu m’autorises, je me permettrais de te recontacter en cas de passage en Israël. J’ai commencé la lecture du livre “O Jérusalem”. Amicalement, Richard Abdalian”

“I have safe and sound returned to Kenya after a very enjoyable trip with you through Israel, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the information and explanations given by you in regards to the deeply rooted history and culture in Israel, it was a complete pleasure and very informative.
Thanks for making this trip a very interesting and educational one at the same time for me, needless to say that I have just as much enjoyed the food, fresh produces and fruits Israel has to offer, truly amazing.”

Andreas Vogt, Chief Operations Officer, Muthaiga Travel Ltd.

“Nous gardons un excellent souvenir de notre voyage.
Le programme était bien fait, de plus vous avez accepté de rajouter Mishmar Ha Emek et vous nous avez montré tout ce qu’il était possible de voir tant qu’il faisait jour. Nous avons été passionnés par vos explications. Les déjeuners ont été bien choisis. Les visites ont été plus ou moins longues suivnt nos gouts. Vous avez répondu à toutes nos questions.
Nous racontons notre voyage à notre famille et à nos amis et nous leur conseillons d’aller en vacances en Israël. Nous ne manquerons pas de donner vos coordonnées à ceux qui se décideront, que ce soit cette année ou plus tard.
Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous.
Amicalement, Françoise et Luc Artaud”

“Ami, I just wanted to write and thank you so much for a very memorable trip to Israel. You knowledge and passion for the land was amazing! I so want to return soon. I have had the opportunity to share the photos with many people and hopefully it will inspire some to come to Israel!
Thank you Ami! I hope to come back soon with my church and have you teach us. I have your business card and I certainly know who to call! I hope you and your family are doing well.
Sincerely, Cynthia Toyoda”

“Dear Ami, I was in the group of Intel folks with you on a tour of Jerusalem on April 18th. My compliments to you for an entertaining and informative tour.  Your unique perspective was most helpful in gaining a better appreciation for the history and culture of Jerusalem.  I also appreciate your professional sensitivity in describing the various religion’s sensitivities about the area.  You handled this very well so we could all better understand the significance of each religion and their perspective, honoring and respecting each.
Thank you and best wishes to you.”

Jim Wick, Manager, America’s Environmental Health & Safety Intel Corporation, Chandler, Arizona, USA

“Shalom Ami, I want to say thank you for such a wonderful visit to Israel.  I was so moved to be able to walk and be in the same areas that Jesus lived.  I want to thank you so much for being such a great teacher.  Now when I read the Bible I can see all the areas you showed us. I was so moved also when we went to the Holocaust Museum.  What was done was so evil and horrible.
I had a real love for Israel and the Jews but now I have a deeper understanding and a deeper love for all there.  I now pray every day for Jerusalem, Israel and all the Jewish people.  I was never that faithful before.  Thank you Ami.
I will be back next year.  My husband and I are thinking of have another couple come with us and hiring you as our personal guide if you would be willing to do that.
If you and your family would like to visit Glacier Park Montana then please stay with us.  We would love to have you  and your family In Christ, Nancy Berklund”

“Cher Ami, Merci encore pour votre visite guidee de Jerusalem. Ma soeur et moi garderont un excellent souvenir et nous vous ferons une bonne publicite.Je vous contacterai de nouveau pour notre prochaine visite en Israel le  mars prochain.
Merci encore.
Recevez nos meilleures salutations, Marie et Francoise”

“Hi Ami, Just a very quick note to thank you for the great tour.  Very much appreciated your in-depth knowledge of the areas & history.  
A job well done! Lee Sutton”

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