Private Tours

Whether you’re are a business person, a family traveling together or an independent traveller, interested in just a single day or would like to design a longer holiday of 2 weeks, I’m positive that  I will be able to design the right trip for you.

Whatever your interests, Israel has a lot to offer with its unique blend of stunning nature, a rich history of civilization and fantastic cuisine.  It might be that you are passionate about history or would like to dive a bit into the culture or it could be that you would like to combine nature  and good food and wish to discover Israel’s special culinary hot spots, or it’s your first time in Israel.

Historical and Cultural Tours
Discover the land that was born in between the East and West and the deep historical connection with our region. Learn about the previous historical miles stones and empires that came here through the centuries. Absorb history dating back to the Egyptian empire, following with Mesopotamia,  the Hellenistic period, the Roman culture, up to the Middle East of today with Israel in its center focus.

Christian Tours
In unison with your chosen spiritual leader for the group, I put a large focus on the deep Christian heritage in the Holy Land and its relationship to the scriptures. Your journey will follow the steps of Christ through the Holy Land and allow you and your group adequate time to reflect on the teachings of the Bible and also to connect with God in this beautiful religious and historic landscape.

Jewish Heritage
Focusing on the historical point of view and the Zionist mining – from prays and a just a vision in the diaspora, to the reborn state of Israel. Taking you all the way from the early stages of the pioneers to a modern Hi tech country that it is today.
Focusing on the different remarkable achievements that Israel have achieved over the past 67 years, Our strengths, technology breakthroughs as well as Israel’s strong connection with Jewish communities around the world.

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