My name is Ami Weiss and I am a certified tour guide by the ministry of tourism in Israel with over 25 years of experience running tours in both English and French. In my tours I share both my passion for Israel as well as my vast knowledge of its history, archaeology, religions, geography, culture and nature. 

I specialize in tailored tours with small groups as well as larger coach tours. For your comfort and convenience, tour groups are transported in a brand new comfortable, fully A/C, van that is licensed for tourists. The van can comfortably fit 7 passengers with light luggage or 6 people with full gear (suitcases, handbags etc..).
 Unlike other tours, my tours are based on your interests and are custom made in order to maximize your enjoyment during your holiday.

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Private Tours

Whether you’re are a business person, a family traveling together or an independent traveller, interested in just a single day or would like to design a longer holiday of 2 weeks, I’m positive that  I will be able to design

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Tours for Groups

Over the years I’ve worked with countless Christian groups worldwide (Protestants/ Evangelists /Catholics) and have developed warm relationships with the pastors and Christian leaders that   I have guided over the years.

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If you had enough of the history bit and would like to explore Israel in a different way, here are some ideas that  you will be able to add to one of your trips or that could be combined into a trip

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Off the Shelf Tours

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* The price is $600/ day for 9 hours of work & up to 200 daily kms.
* Overnight lodging for the guide and any entrance fees to the sites aren't included in the price.
Please note that leaving/returning to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem the same day without an overnight stay would increase the price due the the milage- please contact me for lodging suggestions.
* The total maximum passengers for a private tour would be up to 6 (including luggage).
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